The thing is, start up's are hard. Hours can be long. Expectations will be unreasonable. You will experience the amazing highs of creating something that was not there before, but you will also have the painful lows that come with failure when you're doing something you're passionate about.

If you get a job at a "normal company" then you are expected to do your little bit and let everyone else worry about the rest - it's pretty simple. 

At Tando, no matter what your job, we have a basic expectation that you care about the entire business. That you live and breathe the problems and challenges. We expect your opinion on things. We demand that you care about every detail as if it was the most important thing.

We require you to treat Tando like your own company - and fight day and night for success. 

If you just want a pay cheque - then we are not for you. 

That Sounds Like Me!

Ok, It's Not for Me

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