Our Nordic mission might be brand new, but we have been doing "FinTech" since before it was cool and "StartUp" for almost 20 years. 
What that really means is that were not a flash in the pan. Our management team and board have been behind some of the most disruptive innovations in finance over the past 20 years.


FinTech that actually works.

You can barely flick through techhy website these days without reading about the latest powerful AI, machine learning, Crypto blockchain FinTech app - but only a few ever prove themselves  as viable real world product with market fit.


The truth is many end up coming to nothing.


We have a model that we know works. We know how to build it, scale it and use it to change real lives every day.


We combine human connection, seamless experience and tech to make a very disruptive product. 

Sounds Great!

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