We're Building an AMAZING Remote Team...

Right at the heart of Tando is a little promise we made to ourselves - to build teams that love working together.

You will spend a load of your time working in your life, so we think it's pretty important that you enjoy the stuff you do - which we believe is mainly about the people you work with.

So we work really hard to get great teams together. If you want to work somewhere that values that sort of thing, then you might be the kind of person we like to work with. 

Oh, and for our software jobs you can work from anywhere in the world that's within a 3 hour time difference of the UK.

Our commitment to remote

A lot of companies claim to "support remote working" - but often that's not really the case. 

A little while ago we realised that we were making a massive mistake by limiting ourselves to developers who were able to work out of our Bournemouth office - for no real upside.

So we started to embrace remote development. 

We have two simple rules that we ask all developers to follow.

1. You need to work within a 3 hour time difference of the UK. 

We do this so that there are large periods of time when everyone is online together, making it much easier to communicate and collaborate.

2. You need to be available to dial in for a daily stand-up

We quickly found out that it was really important to have a group chat each day. We always make sure that this is at a time that works for everyone, and we always keep the call focused on blockers - so it's quick and efficient. 

We have a great project manager who runs the priorities and is almost entirely focused on communication - in someways we think we do this better than office based teams.

Aside from that we don't really mind what you do - other than produce great work of course :-)

Our view is that we trust our people to act in the best interest of the business, work hard and repay us for giving the freedom and trust that comes with remote work. 


Current vacancies  

We don't have any remote vacancies at the moment :( 

Don't fear! If you want to join our awesome team then you can send your CV to 

If these roles don't sound quite right for you, but you are generally awesome and want to be part of what we're doing then fire your CV to us with an email telling us who you are -

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