We're building an AWESOME team in the Nordics...

We're hiring teams of Danish, Finnish and Swedish people to join Tando from our Göteborg office! 

"A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players." 


We like this quote from Steve Jobs - and we know from experience that it's true!

When we look for new employees, we make sure we only hire A+ players. Why? Because in a small, fast-paced start-up, every person counts.

Although our people are a diverse bunch, there are a few characteristics and attributes that tie us all together - and unless you have them too then you're probably not for us. Here's a general idea:

  • Ownership - the most important of them all. What do we mean by ownership? Grabbing a problem with both hands and not letting go until you have the solution. We look for people who grit their teeth and take ownership of their problems.

  • Dedication - everyone at Aurora is in it for the team. If you're ready to live and breathe dedication and be 110% committed to the cause, you might be ready to join us!

  • Evolution - we move forward quickly. Driving a business forward requires people who are able to spot problems that aren't really theirs to deal with and solve them anyway. And we're also after people who care about their own self development too!

  • Achievement - of course, commitment and dedication to the cause are essential. However, effort without results doesn't count for anything. We're not after seat-warmers, paper-pushers or do-gooders - we want people who make a tangible difference.


Current vacancies  

Danish Customer Service Agent

Finnish Customer Service Agent

If these roles don't sound quite right for you, but you are generally awesome and want to be part of what we're doing then fire your CV to us with an email telling us who you are -

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