Junior Technical Project Manager 

Up to £21,000 / yr + 30% performance bonus

The Role

An excellent opportunity to join one of the fastest growing Fintech companies in the world.

We are looking for someone with a hunger and drive to learn and develop their technological skills in a fast-paced environment. You will work alongside department heads to develop, test and release systems that drive a disruptive and innovative product.

At Tando we are frustrated by the status quo. We want people with fire in their belly who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.  Because of this, we are more interested in who you are and how you think than we are in your past work or studies. Whether you have tech experience or simply a passion to learn - we want to hear from you! 


We are both a startup and a £1billion success story. We have the fun, energy, drive and determination of a start-up, but are also part of an organisation that has created more than 10 multi-million pound companies in the past 20 years.

Our products are designed to solve real problems and help real people. Our first product - Tando Loans - is a new type of lending, based on trust - not computerised credit scores. 

We believe that the big banks fail to look after some good customers who are let down by these digital credit scoring systems. Because of this, we have combined technology and human decision making to create an innovative, fast and simple lending solution based on trust and relationships - the way it should be!

At the moment we’re in the midst of expanding into our fifth country (in only 18 months!) and need some talented people to join our team! 



As a group we believe that you have to really care about what you do in order to do it well. We believe in teamwork, ownership and promote a culture of collaboration, work hard, work smart and play hard. Because of that, the most important thing for us is to build the right team. 

To be part of this team we think you will need:

  • A passion to develop - learning new systems, thinking on your feet and really pushing forward in whatever you do!

  • A willingness to jump into things head first, and work it out as you go - make sure you are comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • The ability to work on multiple projects at once in a fast-paced environment, and the communication skills to quickly iterate designs.

  • To be self-motivated and ready to take ownership of multiple projects at once in a fast-paced environment.

This is a hard job - it’s swim quick or sink. If you think you are smarter than average, able to adapt quickly, pay attention to details without losing the big picture and you know what it means to be passionate about your role, we want you!



We believe that this is very much a two way street. So we offer you some pretty awesome stuff in exchange.

Firstly - the opportunity to be part of a fast growing business. If you have ever been in a startup type environment in the past, then you will know how diverse and valuable that can be. It’s work hard, play hard! If you haven’t had that before, then take it from us - you will learn more in 6 months with us than you would in 3 years of corporate life.

Secondly, we know that you’ll love working in our offices in the south of England. We’re lucky enough to work in the sunny coastal town of Bournemouth, plus plenty of other awesome perks - as long as you’re ready to get stuck in and help us expand our exciting Nordic startup! We can offer you unlimited coffee, Friday lunch, gym memberships, use of our holiday homes after a year, flexible working and casual dress code. 

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